GURC offers the opportunity to compete regularly for Glasgow University against other universities and colleges. Success at local level can lead to progression to regional or even national finals. This year we are also proud to introduce a D team! If you would like to find out more about GURC teams, team trials and BUCS competitions click

To enquire about trying out for teams please email:


Past Teams:


A Team: Leona Blacklaws [Captain], Imogen Sherry, Aoife Carr, Lucy Lamont

B Team: ​Caitlin Buchanan [Captain], ​Katie Scott, Izzie Barton, Trudy Marshall

C Team: Anna Rigg [Captain], ​Sterling Bishir, Rebecca Murch, Alanna Hrycenko


A Team:
Dan Richardson [Captain], ​Imogen Sherry, Leona Blacklaws, Heather Vietch
B Team: 
Nelli Vanninen [Captain],​ Lucy Mulligan, Izzy Rayner, Aoife Carr
C Team: 
​Caitlin Buchanan [Captain], ​Abbie Clark, Leigh Pilkington, Catherine Ross


A Team: Lisa Langridge [Captain], ​Imogen Sherry, Leona Blacklaws, Tonio Friedmann
B Team:  Erin Houston [Captain], Dan Richardson, Eilish Marshall, Nelli Vanninen
C Team: Laura Stewart [Captain], ​​Leigh Pilkington, Abbie Clark, Caitlin Buchanan


A Team: Jordan Sinclair [Captain], ​Lisa Langridge, Aaron Tay, Imogen Sherry
B Team: Anna Crooks [Captain], Erin Houston, Julie McAinsh, Dan Richardson
C Team: Laura Stewart [Captain], Sofia Pistoni, Eilidh Marshall, Kerry Gillespie


D Team


Our Teams

A Team

Glasgow University Riding Club

GUSA Club of the year 2016​

2016 National Champions and Trophy Bronze Medalists

B Team


C Team