Glasgow University Riding Club

GUSA Club of the year 2016​

2016 National Champions and Trophy Bronze Medalists

How do I sign up?

At the start of each semester you can become a member of our club via the GUSA portal. During September we'll hold our lesson sign-up event where you can come along, meet the committee and we can sort you into a lesson class. For more information like our Facebook page or visit our stand during the Freshers Fayre. 

Do I need my own horse?

No aspect of the club requires your own horse. 

How much experience do I need?

No experience at all! We have lessons for complete beginners through to competitive riding for the more experienced, our club caters to everyone.

How do I know what level of lesson to join?

During September we have a stall at the Sports Fayre, which can be used as an opportunity to discuss what level you should join at. Our lessons are split into four levels; beginner, novice, intermediate and advanced.

This is how we class each level:

  • Beginner: Someone with little or no experience
  • Novice: Can walk and trot confidently, learning to canter
  • Intermediate: Can walk, trot and canter confidently, learning to jump
  • Advanced: Can walk, trot, canter and jump 90cm confidently

If you are unsure which level to join, feel free to ask the committee for advice prior to signing up. 
During your lesson you can discuss your level of riding with your instructor.

What clothes and equipment do I need?

Jodhpurs and riding boots are recommended but if you do not own these then tight, comfortable trousers and shoes with a heel will do. Everyone must ride with a helmet, if this is your own then it must meet hat regulations, but if you do not own one, they are available to borrow from the stables. 

Where are lessons held?

All of our lessons are held at Busby Equitation Centre.

How can I get to the stables?​

You can get the train from Glasgow Central Station to Busby Railway Station. Busby Equitation Centre is then a 5 minute walk from the train station.

If there is a driver in the group then groups often share lifts and split petrol money - so make sure to contact everyone in your lesson group once the e-mails go out.

How much do lessons cost?

It costs £19 per lesson. When booking a lesson slot, a deposit (£19) is taken to secure your place. When you arrive at Busby for the first lesson, they'll then collect the rest of the payment for your lesson block. 

How often are lessons held?

Lessons are held every week. There are 2 blocks a semester (4 blocks a year) and each block is made up of 5 lessons. There are no scheduled lessons during Christmas and Easter holidays.

How long are lessons?

Lessons are 1 hour long.

How many people will be in my lesson?

There are 4-8 people in each lesson.

Can I move up a level when I have finished my block?

Each rider will progress at different rates and it is not expected that riders move up on completion of a block. If you feel that you are not in the correct lesson group, speak to your riding instructor and they will advise you. If you need advice or have any questions, feel free to e-mail anyone on comittee.  ​

How do I cancel my lesson?

If you wish to cancel your lesson and would like to get your money refunded, it is important that you cancel at least 24 hours in advance. You can do this by calling Busby on 0141 644 1347. If you do not cancel at least 24hrs before your lesson, you will be charged the full lesson price! 

Is there an opportunity to ride competitively?

If you wish to ride competitively, come and try out at our team trials. This is normally held during the first week of term in September. If you are interested in trying out for teams, send an e-mail with a description of your previous riding experience to: gurc-teams@hotmail.co.uk